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JAX-RS 2.1 reactive extensions with RxJava Backpressure

Combining reactive programming with JAX-RS 2.1 reactive extensions make for a powerful asynchronous processing that avoids overwhelming the consumer.

Why you probably don't need to tune the Open Liberty thread pool

All the application code running on Open Liberty runs in a single thread pool called the default executor. The size of this pool is controlled by an auto-tuning algorithm which works well for a wide range of workloads. Because of the autonomic control, for most applications there is no need to tune the size of this thread pool.

MicroProfile 2.2: Improving the developer experience of writing cloud-native Java microservices on Open Liberty

A full implementation of MicroProfile 2.2. Focuses on improving the developer experience of writing cloud-native Java microservices with MicroProfile. Includes updates to the MicroProfile Rest Client, Fault Tolerance, OpenAPI, and Open Tracing features. Based on Java EE 8 technologies.

Improved developer experience and MicroProfile integration for MicroProfile Rest Client 1.2

MicroProfile Rest Client 1.2 improves the developer experience and enhances integration with other MicroProfile technologies such as CDI, Fault Tolerance, OpenTracing, etc.

Easy integration testing for Java EE and MicroProfile applications with Testcontainers

Learn how to write simple and effective integration tests that run against your real application's Docker container. No mock objects needed.

Support for sharding keys with JDBC 4.3 in

In the second of our new 4-weekly Open Liberty releases, we have support for sharding keys (JDBC 4.3) and support for hashed passwords in quickStartSecurity configuration (Application Security 2.0, 3.0). Plus previews of future capabilities in the latest development build.

MicroProfile Concurrency in Open Liberty development builds

MicroProfile Concurrency provides a ManagedExecutor and ThreadContext API that enables you to make better use of completion stages. An implementation of the MicroProfile Concurrency specification is now available.

MicroProfile and Open Liberty at DevNexus 2019 in Atlanta

A quick summary of the DevNexus 2019 workshops and talks on MicroProfile and Open Liberty.

Access any version of MongoDB with Open Liberty using CDI

Using MongoDB with Open Liberty previously meant enabling the mongodb-2.0 feature and configuring several elements in server.xml, but was limited to certain versions of MongoDB. Now, with improvements in CDI and the introduction of MicroProfile Config, you can easily configure access to any version of MongoDB with a CDI producer.

Open Liberty and Java 11

In Open Liberty we are officially supporting running on Java 11! Many of us are still running on Java 8, since that was the most recent long-term supported release of Java. Let's catch up a bit and review the new features introduced in Java 9, 10, and 11, then look at what it takes to build and run an application on Open Liberty and Java 11.

Java SE 11 and new four-weekly release schedule in Open Liberty

The latest release of Open Liberty ( now supports Java SE 11, provides support for HTTP Forwarded and X-Forwarded-* headers, and kicks off a new 4-week release schedule for 2019.

New 4-weekly release schedule with Open Liberty

In Open Liberty, we are moving from our previous 3-monthly release cycle to a new 4-weekly release cycle. Alasdair, Open Liberty architect, explains what this means.

Asynchronous REST with JAX-RS and MicroProfile

JAX-RS and MicroProfile Rest Client make writing and consuming RESTful services both easy and powerful, especially when using their asynchronous capabilities. Take a look at how to use asynchronous JAX-RS resource methods on the client and server.

HTTP Forwarded and X-Forwarded-* header support

HTTP Forwarded and X-Forwarded-* header support means that developers and applications can obtain the original client endpoint information presented by a proxy or a load balancer using the Forwarded or X-Forwarded-* headers instead of the current TCP connected endpoint.

MicroProfile 2.1, reactive extensions, and connection pool metrics in

MicroProfile 2.1 provides enhancements to the Open Tracing 1.2 feature and how you trace the flow of requests between microservices. This release also has reactive extensions to JAX-RS 2.1 and, on the ops side, Liberty exposes connection pool metrics from its runtime to the /metrics endpoint.

What's new with REST in Open Liberty in 2018?

A preview of what's coming in (async transport layer, connection pooling enhancements, reactive extensions) and a look back at 2018 (reactive client, server sent events, asynchronous methods, URL support, integration with CDI, RestClientBuilderListener for third-party libraries, and more...).

Enhancements to distributed tracing in microservices with MicroProfile 2.1 (and more)

A quick roundup of some things you can try in the current Open Liberty development builds. Options to skip tracing of JAX-RS requests and using alternative formats of span names in MicroProfile OpenTracing 1.2. Also, try out writing simpler Dockerfiles by packaging your server as a TAR file, and try the support for sharding in Java 11 with JDBC 4.3.

Maximise log history on Open Liberty in production

In development, starting a new log file each time the server restarts is great but, in production, you can now disable this behaviour so that you can retain more history in your logs.

MicroProfile – The Natural Evolution for Microservices Development

The Eclipse MicroProfile project allows you to leverage your existing Enterprise Java skills while moving to the cloud-native microservices architecture.

Meet us at Oracle Code One and EclipseCon Europe

The Open Liberty team will be at Oracle Code One and EclipseCon Europe! Come meet the team, grab some swag and hang out with us for these two big Java conferences!

Monitor faults with MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 1.1

Fault Tolerance provides annotations which allow you to easily apply common fault mitigation strategies to your application but did you know that, since version 1.1, it also exports metrics which allow you to monitor these mitigation strategies?

Get more metrics from your apps with MicroProfile 2.0 on Open Liberty

Monitor your microservices with metrics from your applications, from Liberty components, and to report on their fault tolerance handling. Plus more for your microservices with Open Liberty

Dynamically update your microservice configuration

Separate configuration from your microservices code with MicroProfile Config. Easily and dynamically change your app's configuration by adding and modifying variables in your server config.

Build and push Spring Boot Docker images with boost-maven-plugin

A simple and efficient way of building and pushing layered Docker images of Spring Boot applications using the Boost Maven plugin.

What's next for MicroProfile and Jakarta EE?

Get Kevin Sutter's view on how the MicroProfile and Jakarta EE projects could be combined at some point. He describes the progress in establishing each of the two projects, the issues to consider as the projects become more established, and current steps that are being made towards a more integrated future.

Installing features from Maven dependencies in Open Liberty

Include only what you need in your runtime. It's as simple as adding dependencies in your Maven or Gradle build.

Creating Dual Layer Docker images for Spring Boot apps

Embrace Docker for your Spring Boot applications! Building dual layer Docker images and gain efficiencies for CI/CD teams. This post shows you how.

Optimizing Spring Boot apps for Docker

Take a more efficient approach to building Docker images for Spring Boot applications when doing iterative development and deployment. The standard approach has some drawbacks so here we look at what they are and how to do it better.

Get full Java EE 8 in Open Liberty

Full Java EE 8 support, including JAX-RS 2.1 reactive client and server-sent events, CDI event-ordering and asynchonous events, HTTP/2 support in servlets, JSF 2.3, JPA 2.2, JWT cookies (yum!), security improvements,...oh, and you can now deploy Spring Boot applications to Liberty.

Writing Java microservices with MicroProfile 1.3

Find out how to build Java microservices with MicroProfile 1.3. Get a quick introduction to microservices, MicroProfile, and an overview of each of the MicroProfile 1.3 technologies, including Config, Metrics, Health Check, JWT, OpenAPI, OpenTracing... Each summary gives links to relevant guides so you can find out more and try out the technologies with your own bare hands.

Introducing MicroProfile OpenAPI 1.0

Generate standardised OpenAPI v3 documentation from your RESTful microservices using the new MicroProfile OpenAPI programming model in Liberty. Open Liberty includes an implementation of the MicroProfile OpenAPI 1.0 spec.

JCache session persistence

Try out the new JCache-based distributed in-memory session caching in recent development builds of Open Liberty.

Enable distributed tracing of microservices with MicroProfile 1.3 (and more) in Open Liberty

Get distributed tracking of your microservices, a standardised way (through OpenAPI) to describe your RESTful applications, and a type-safe approach to invoking RESTful services over HTTP in Open Liberty

Introducing MicroProfile Rest Client 1.0

Learn how to build type-safe REST clients using the new MicroProfile Rest Client APIs in Liberty.

How does Open Liberty Tools decide what features your application needs?

When you deploy an application to a Liberty server using Open Liberty Tools, it attempts to detect what features your application needs and adds them to the server configuration automatically. Learn how Open Liberty Tools determines what features to add. And how to disable it when necessary.

Bring your own JSF implementation to Open Liberty

And, like a flash, a second release of Open Liberty ( is upon us! Fancy bringing your own JSF implementation (Mojarra or MyFaces) to Open Liberty? You can now (and benefit from CDI) with the JSF Container 2.2 feature. Also, administrators can now configure concurrency policies for managed executors (Concurrency updates), and get distributed tracing with our implementation of

Open Liberty Spring Boot Starter

Now that the Open Liberty project is in full swing we are looking for more opportunities to enable developers to use Open Liberty in their own projects. It is very common for developers to create and deploy Spring applications on Open Liberty as a simple web application, but increasingly Spring developers are using Spring Boot as a faster, simpler way...

MicroProfile 1.2 and build tools updates in our first Open Liberty release

Well, this is exciting! Our first proper release of Open Liberty and the Open Liberty Tools! In Open Liberty is a full implementation of MicroProfile 1.2, some Liberty Gradle plugin updates, and some transport security updates. You might have noticed that the download actually went live some time ago but we were so caught up with JavaOne and other...

JavaOne sessions from the Open Liberty team

Update 2017-10-13: Now with links to JavaOne session videos, where available. Wow, how time has flown! It’s been just two weeks since Open Liberty went live and we totally forgot to mention we’ll be at JavaOne next week. There’ll be a bunch of JavaOne sessions given by Liberty developers (and emeritus developers) throughout the week. If you want to talk...

Open Sourcing Liberty

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Open Liberty project, an open source runtime for Java microservices. In 2012, IBM released WebSphere Liberty, an application server designed for the cloud. It was small, lightweight, and designed with modern application development in mind. It wasn’t perfect, it didn’t have everything people wanted, but it was a great...