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Open Liberty dev mode with VS Code

Start Open Liberty in development mode with a VS Code extension. Make changes to your application while the server is up, run tests and view results, and even debug the application without leaving the editor.

Diagnose slow requests more easily with improved request logging in Open Liberty

Open Liberty provides a useful option to automatically detect slow requests and logs the information when the request is complete through the Request Timing 1.0 feature. Java SE 13 release from AdoptOpenJDK, OpenJDK, or Oracle works with Open Liberty.

Get IBM or Red Hat support for Open Liberty

Open Liberty support is now available from IBM and Red Hat.

Faster startup time for Open Liberty

Quick startup times reduce the overhead of code and test cycles for developers, and improves scaling and responsiveness in production. In 2019, Open Liberty startup time has been reduced by nearly 50% in some cases, with healthy double-digit percentage improvements pretty much across the board.

Running Scala microservices on Open Liberty and Kubernetes

An example application to calculate a Mandelbrot Set using Microprofile/Open Liberty microservices implemented in Scala. The goal is to demonstrate technical possibility of using Open Liberty with Scala and possibility of deploying such solution as Kubernetes services.

Open Liberty development mode

Development mode for Open Liberty allows you to develop applications with any text editor or IDE by providing hot reload and deployment, on demand testing, and debugger support.

Dev mode in Open Liberty, and other developer experience enhancements

Developer experience improvements for cloud-native Java developers - simplified Maven plugin, development mode that minimises turnaround time, and a framework for easy integration tests.

Older Posts

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Build a REST API with role-based authorization using Java, MicroProfile, and JWT [Continued on]

Testing database connections in Open Liberty apps with REST APIs

Sending and receiving messages between microservices with MicroProfile Reactive Messaging

Reactive messaging between microservices with MicroProfile on Open Liberty

Open Liberty is Jakarta EE 8 compatible

Twelve Factor App best practices in microservices with MicroProfile and Kubernetes

Securing Open Liberty apps and microservices with MicroProfile JWT and Social Media login

Minimise turnaround times with Open Liberty's dev mode [Continued on]

MicroProfile Context Propagation in Open Liberty

Enhanced concurrency capabilities with MicroProfile Context Propagation on Open Liberty

Migrating applications from MicroProfile Metrics 1.x to MicroProfile Metrics 2.0

MicroProfile 3.0 with improved developer experience on Open Liberty

Hostname verification with SSL on Open Liberty and MicroProfile Rest Client 1.3 preview

OpenJDK 11 updates on Open Liberty and beta status PostgreSQL support

Jakarta EE and the great naming debate

Reactive programming in microservices with MicroProfile on Open Liberty

JAX-RS 2.1 reactive extensions with RxJava Backpressure

Why you probably don't need to tune the Open Liberty thread pool

MicroProfile 2.2: Improving the developer experience of writing cloud-native Java microservices on Open Liberty

Improved developer experience and MicroProfile integration for MicroProfile Rest Client 1.2

Easy integration testing for Java EE and MicroProfile applications with Testcontainers

Support for sharding keys with JDBC 4.3 in

MicroProfile and Open Liberty at DevNexus 2019 in Atlanta

Access any version of MongoDB with Open Liberty using CDI

Open Liberty and Java 11

Java SE 11 and new four-weekly release schedule in Open Liberty

New 4-weekly release schedule with Open Liberty

Asynchronous REST with JAX-RS and MicroProfile

HTTP Forwarded and X-Forwarded-* header support

MicroProfile 2.1, reactive extensions, and connection pool metrics in

What's new with REST in Open Liberty in 2018?

Enhancements to distributed tracing in microservices with MicroProfile 2.1 (and more)

Maximise log history on Open Liberty in production

MicroProfile – The Natural Evolution for Microservices Development

Meet us at Oracle Code One and EclipseCon Europe

Monitor faults with MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 1.1

Get more metrics from your apps with MicroProfile 2.0 on Open Liberty

Dynamically update your microservice configuration

Build and push Spring Boot Docker images with boost-maven-plugin

What's next for MicroProfile and Jakarta EE?

Installing features from Maven dependencies in Open Liberty

Creating Dual Layer Docker images for Spring Boot apps

Optimizing Spring Boot apps for Docker

Get full Java EE 8 in Open Liberty

Writing Java microservices with MicroProfile 1.3

Introducing MicroProfile OpenAPI 1.0

JCache session persistence

Enable distributed tracing of microservices with MicroProfile 1.3 (and more) in Open Liberty

Introducing MicroProfile Rest Client 1.0

How does Open Liberty Tools decide what features your application needs?

Bring your own JSF implementation to Open Liberty

Open Liberty Spring Boot Starter

MicroProfile 1.2 and build tools updates in our first Open Liberty release

JavaOne sessions from the Open Liberty team

Open Sourcing Liberty

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