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A day out in London at the Red Hat Connect Summit

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Yasmin Aumeeruddy and Grace Jansen on Nov 22, 2021
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Grace Jansen and Yasmin Aumeeruddy from the Open Liberty team joined our cousins at Red Hat to participate in the Red Hat Connect Summit in London. This single-day event offered a variety of developer-focused sessions, many of which drew from open source software (OSS) projects and initiatives. The topics included cloud-native development, DevOps and enterprise development, as well as more general language and framework sessions. The summit also featured lightning talks in the expo area, live coding, and even arcade games! These one-day events are run in cities all over the globe. You can check out if there’s an event occurring near you at their website.

Although audiences have engaged well with virtual conferences over the past 18 months, it was great to attend an in-person event. For many, it was the first in a long time but it was a fantastic way to reengage with the community and enable attendees to network with OSS and enterprise software developers from many different organisations.

Open Liberty sessions:

Our Open Liberty advocates led two sessions at this event: Reacting to our data driven world and Replicating production in your tests with the magic of containers. These talks were only 35 minutes long but were full of great insights and demonstrations. We had a great turnout at both of these sessions, with interesting questions raised by the audience and many even staying to view our demos during their lunch break! 

Photograph of Grace presenting first Open Liberty session

The first session focused on creating event-driven reactive microservices through the use of OSS tools like Kafka, MicroProfile, and Open Liberty. The audience were provided with an understanding of what the app architecture could offer to their own applications and then they were guided through how they could start implementing it themselves. If you’re interested, you can try out our 'Creating reactive Java microservices' guide, which walks you through this process.

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The other session focused on creating true-to-production tests for microservices with OSS tools like MicroShed Testing, Testcontainers, and Open Liberty. Although moving to containers has revolutionised how we design and build our applications, the parity between our development, testing and production environments might have drifted further apart. The aim of this session was to show developers how to effectively test our cloud-native applications. We also gave a demo to show how simple it is to create and run a MicroShed test in Maven using our 'Testing a MicroProfile or Jakarta EE application' Open Liberty guide. If you’re interested in learning more about these innovative technologies and the various types of testing you could implement, then check out our series on IBM Developer: 'Testing your cloud-native, Java applications'.

Other great sessions:

Check out the agenda to see what other sessions were presented.

Grace and Yasmin at RedHat Connect Summit London

It was great to connect with the community, learn from industry experts, and meet in person again. We’re looking forward to seeing more people at in-person events and conferences in the near future. Come say hi if you’re attending any of the events we’re at!