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Open source cloud-native Java at DevNexus 2023!

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Grace Jansen on Mar 30, 2023
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What is DevNexus?

DevNexus is the longest-running and largest Java Conference in the US. It’s organised by a vibrant Java community and is being held in Atlanta this year from April 4-6. After the COVID-19 pandemic and its long-lasting effects, it’s wonderful to be able to come together again and have such a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with the wider Java community! And of course, we can’t wait to join too!

Several members of the Open Liberty team will be on site hosting sessions, quick labs, workshops, and running demonstrations at the IBM booth. If you’re going to be there, deciding which of the great sessions to see can be challenging. To help you decide, we’ve put together a useful summary of the sessions on MicroProfile, Jakarta EE, and Open Liberty.

Tuesday April 4th:

In this workshop, you’ll get hands on with some of the most innovative and exciting open source cloud-native Java technologies, including Open Liberty, MicroProfile, Jakarta EE, Testcontainers, OpenJ9, and more! Emily Jiang, Rich Hagarty, Cindy High, and Harry Hoots will show you how to venture beyond the 12 factors to design and develop applications with the 15-factor app methodology. Don’t miss your chance to join this fantastic interactive learning opportunity!

Wednesday April 5th:

Jakarta EE guru Ivar Grimstad teaches us how to convert our package namespace from javax.* to jakarta.* and why it matters to everyone in the Java ecosystem. A live coding demo will take us through the steps involved, and point out where to pay special attention.

Tobi Ajila, a Java Runtime developer for the Eclipse OpenJ9 team in Canada, showcases how technologies like checkpoint/restore and remote JIT compilation can help minimize your application’s costs by boosting startup time and reducing memory footprint. Attendees will learn how these features integrate seamlessly with existing container technologies for simple, secure, and predictable deployments. Whether you are a cloud veteran or a newcomer, there will be lots to learn!

Java champion Emily Jiang leads this deep dive session all around the exciting new updates from MicroProfile 6.0 and Jakarta EE 10. Included in this talk are some of the major updates within MicroProfile Metrics, which enables the adoption of Micrometer, and MicroProfile Telemetry, which consumes OpenTelemetry. Join this session to learn all about the observability standards for your microservices with a live demo on Open Liberty.

Thursday April 6th:

In this session, Reza Rahman (Principal Program Manager for Java on Azure at Microsoft) offers a brief tour of Jakarta EE 10 as well as a look at what the future might bring. If you’re up for a session that’s both useful and exploratory, then make sure you check out this session! As Reza says: “You should come to this session with your thinking caps on and your sleeves rolled up. There is much to help move forward together that really matters.”

IBMers Vijay Sundaresan and Mark Stoodley pull together the full landscape of exciting new technologies that can enable key cloud-native behaviours and characteristics, including fast startup times and low memory footprints. They’ll explain how many of these technologies and enhancements were developed at OpenJ9 and how they all fit together as a compelling and cooperative solution to optimize Java for the cloud. Interested? Then join what is sure to be an interesting session!

If you’re interested in a more interactive session, then be sure to bookmark this panel session! Jakarta EE experts (Ivar Grimstad, Tanja Obradovic, Emily Jiang, Jose Paumard, Mark Heckler, and Rudy De Busscher) will form the panel for this session, discussing the future of Jakarta EE with version 11 and beyond. Pop along to this session to ask those burning questions and gain exciting insight into where this fantastic open source technology is heading.

In this session, Rudy De Busscher explores scenarios of how you can use the Testcontainers framework to test your Jakarta EE application, including a remote debug session of your code.

In this talk, chief architect for IBM Java Mark Stoodley will cover some best practices for authenticating users and authorizing them to access your microservice. He’ll provide an overview of microservice security, with samples based on the Open Liberty runtime. With the ever-growing importance of effectively securing our applications, this is sure to be a great session to attend.

IBM Booth:

As well as the numerous sessions during the conference, the Open Liberty team will also be manning the IBM booth in the exhibition hall. Stop by to get hands on with our quick labs (featuring InstantOn startup of cloud-native Java apps, MicroProfile and Jakarta EE), grab some awesome swag, and have a chat about all things OSS Java. We’d love to see you there!

This year, we’ll also have our exciting intergalactic booth challenge… The Open Liberty Space Rover Challenge. In this challenge, you’ll need to navigate the planets and get your rover safely to your destination in the stars. Take control of a spaceship and use hand signals to direct it’s flight from planet to planet. Climb the rankings on your way to become top cadet in Star Academy. Our Space Rover Challenge uses various technologies, including hardware and modern Java technology. While you’re with us, ask our developers about the underlying technologies they’ve used to create the demo, including OpenJ9, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, and "the most flexible runtime in the cosmos", Open Liberty.

Check out IBM’s presence at DevNexus as well as the full schedule on the conference website.