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Get certified in cloud-native Java development now!

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Jakub Pomykala on Dec 15, 2023
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You can now get certified in Cloud Native Java with IBM Liberty 2023, an official certification published by IBM. On successful completion, you get a a certificate and a Credly digital badge. This exam is a great way for cloud-native Java developers to show that they have knowledge in designing and developing cloud-native Java microservices using Liberty.

In this post, we’ll look at how you can prepare yourself for the certification exam.

Cloud Native Java Developer certification exam

The certification includes multiple-choice questions and two hands-on labs. The hands-on labs are hosted in the cloud so that you can run the exercises in your browser. In the hands-on labs, you are expected to create an application that includes specific features from cloud-native open standards, including MicroProfile and Jakarta EE, and the application should successfully pass integration tests. The certification requires that you gain a minimum of 45 marks out of total of 63 (71%) across both the multiple-choice questions and the hands-on labs to pass. You have 90 minutes to complete the whole exam.

You can find the certification on the IBM Training portal.

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Prepare for the certification exam

You can prepare for the certification exam by using the free resources on the Open Liberty website, including the cloud-native developer guides and the Liberty docs. Both the guides and docs are relevant whether you are working with Open Liberty or with IBM WebSphere Liberty (which is built from the Open Liberty project).

Cloud-native Java developer guides

The 60 cloud-native developer guides give you hands-on experience with the technologies and tools that you can use with Open Liberty. The guides are a great way for you to refresh your knowledge about a technology or to discover new ones. They range in complexity, from Getting started with Open Liberty and Creating a RESTful web service to topics such as Providing metrics from a microservice, and Authenticating users through social media providers.

You can complete a guide in as little as 15 minutes. Additionally, most of the guides are also available for you to "Run in cloud" in a browser, so you don’t need to set up any pre-requisites on your local machine. This provides a really easy and efficient way for you to practise using Liberty.

Screenshot of Open Liberty guides

As well as the guides, there is a longer Liberty Deep Dive available. The Liberty Deep Dive combines many of the technologies covered in the shorter guides into a longer tutorial so that you can develop a fully-functional cloud-native Java application with Open Liberty using Jakarta EE and MicroProfile APIs.

Screenshot of Open Liberty Deep Dive

Liberty documentation

On the Open Liberty website you can also find the Liberty docs which describe how to use the features available with Open Liberty, including the MicroProfile and Jakarta EE specifications.

Screenshot of Open Liberty docs

Find out more

By using these resources, and your own knowledge and experience of writing cloud-native Java applications, you’re ready to try the Liberty certification exam - good luck! Read more about the certification on the IBM Training portal.