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Enhancements to JPA persistence properties and a number of significant bug fixes in Open Liberty

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Ryan Storey on Feb 15, 2022
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Open Liberty adds the ability to declare default JPA persistence properties to all container-managed persistence contexts as part of the Liberty configuration. This release also provides a number of significant bug fixes.

In Open Liberty

View the list of fixed bugs in

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If you’re using Maven, here are the coordinates:


Or for Gradle:

dependencies {
    libertyRuntime group: 'io.openliberty', name: 'openliberty-runtime', version: '[,)'

Or if you’re using Docker:

FROM open-liberty

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Define JPA persistence properties at server scope

This new JPA enhancement adds the ability to declare default JPA persistence properties to all container-managed persistence contexts as a Liberty server.xml configuration.

Previously, to set persistence property for all persistence.xml configuration files, you had to update each persistence.xml file in all applications. This could end up requiring hundreds of manual updates and/or rebuilding of applications. With this enhancement, you can specify persistence properties in the server.xml file that will propagate to all container-managed persistence units for all applications installed on that server.

To start using the new feature, add the new defaultProperties element to the jpa element configuration in your server.xml file. Use this element to specify the persistence properties that you want to apply to all container-managed persistence units:

Example 1:


    <jpa defaultPersistenceProvider="org.hibernate.jpa.HibernatePersistenceProvider">
            <property name="javax.persistence.lock.timeout" value="4000"/>
            <property name="hibernate.dialect" value="org.hibernate.dialect.Oracle12cDialect"/>

Example 2:


            <property name="javax.persistence.lock.timeout" value="12345"/>
            <property name="eclipselink.cache.shared.default" value="false"/>

Technical description

These defaultProperties integration-level persistence properties will be supplied to the persistence provider specified when the PersistenceProvider.createContainerEntityManagerFactory method is called by the JPA Container.

According to the JPA specification (

If the same property or hint is specified more than once, the following order of overriding applies, in order of decreasing precedence:

* argument to method of EntityManager, Query, or TypedQuery interface
* specification to NamedQuery (annotation or XML)
* argument to createEntityManagerFactory method
* specification in persistence.xml

This means these new defaultProperties persistence property values will override any properties with the same name that are specified in a persistence.xml file. However, property values specified through PersistenceContext annotation, or the persistence-context-ref deployment descriptor element, or Query Hints property will override these defaultProperties.

For more information check out the GitHub issue for this feature.

Notable bugs fixed in this release

We’ve spent some time fixing bugs. The following sections describe just some of the issues resolved in this release. If you’re interested, here’s the full list of bugs fixed in

  • OpenIdConnectClient cookies not getting deleted after logout

    Previously, OpenID Connect nonce cookies could accumulate over multiple logins and not be cleared after logout. Instead, we would expect all cookies to be cleared after logout or on next login instead of accumulating. This issue was caused by not using the correct cookie name when clearing the nonce cookie and has now been fixed.

  • The output of ./wlp/bin/productInfo featureInfo missing new lines

    In Open Liberty, the output of ./wlp/bin/productInfo featureInfo was missing new line characters. For example:

    acmeCA-2.0adminCenter-1.0appClientSupport-1.0appSecurity-1.0appSecurity-2.0appSecurity-3.0appSecurityClient-1.0audit-1.0batch-1.0batchManagement-1.0beanValidation-1.1beanValidation-2.0bells-1.0cdi-1.2cdi-2.0cloudant-1.0concurrent-1.0constra ...

    There are now line breaks between each of the feature names, as shown below:

  • Updating MicroProfile versions on server.xml causes issues with install manager

    Previously, updating to MicroProfile 5.0 in the server.xml and pom.xml would cause issues with the install manager. After resolving the features which are needed, the RepositoryResolver has to create lists of which features to install. There’s a list of everything needed for each requested feature and one for each auto-feature. When creating the install lists, it traversed the dependencies but stopped traversing when it founds a dependency which was installed. If distributedMap-1.0 is installed but distributedMapInternal-1.0 is not, it stops traversing dependencies when it hits distributedMap-1.0 and distributedMapInternal-1.0 is not added to the list. This bug was fixed by tracing down the entire dependency tree, building the list and finally removing any features which are already installed.

  • MP Fault Tolerance annotations at the class level of a Rest Client interface are ignored

    A bug was discovered which led to MP Fault Tolerance annotations to be ignored when annotated at the class level of a Rest Client interface. However it would be picked up if annotated at method level. This issue was fixed by updating the rest client builder to check for fault tolerance annotations on the interface as well as on the method when deciding whether to add the @FaultTolerance annotation.

  • (JPA 2.2) EclipseLink: Deliver Bug #412391

    JPA 2.2 has been updated to fix the EclipseLink bug #412391 - static weaving output failing silently on runtime when subclass entity has the same attribute as superclass entity.

  • "ERROR: Input redirection is not supported, exiting the process immediately" reported with Open Liberty as a service on Win

    When running Open Liberty as a service on Windows, the following error was output when the timeout/retry logic was executed on start or stop:

    ERROR: Input redirection is not supported, exiting the process immediately.

    The expected behaviour would be for the server start script to loop the specified number of times, waiting for the server to start properly without echoing the ERROR message to the console. This issue has been fixed by updating the server.bat with ping command as opposed to timeout command. This behaviour should no longer occur.

  • NullPointerException in JSP after upgrade

    A bug was introduced in which caused apps to crash with a NullPointerException. This issue has now been fixed, as it was caused by a taglib referencing a tld file that didn’t exist.

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