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Open Liberty in Action - Primeur’s data integration platform

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Grace Jansen on Sep 20, 2023
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Primeur, an independent software vendor (ISV) based in Italy, focuses on providing smart data integration. It embeds the Open Liberty Java runtime in its flagship data integration platform, DATA ONE. Open Liberty enables Primeur to make the embedded Java runtime invisible to its data integration customers, while still observable to the Primeur engineers who support them.

For over 35 years, Primeur has helped companies from all over the world to accelerate their data integration projects, ensuring its customers reach their business goals while making the most of their existing IT investments and avoiding unnecessary expenses. To help its clients achieve this, in 2020 Primeur established their data integration platform, DATA ONE, which is designed to federate different technologies, platforms, data types and deployment models. Primeur embed the Open Liberty Java runtime in DATA ONE, using it to power the core data integration choreographies.

Why choose Open Liberty?

Primeur fell in love with Open Liberty when using it within this project. The two greatest features that Primeur values from Liberty are its invisibility and observability. Although these features may seem contradictory and might not be something you have considered when selecting a cloud-native runtime, they are critical for Primeur’s business. This is because the perspective of an ISV embedding Open Liberty inside its products is different from that of a business customer installing Open Liberty to run its business application, whether on-prem or in a cloud environment.

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The great benefit of Open Liberty’s ability to remain invisible is that Primeur can embed, completely configure, and operate Open Liberty within their DATA ONE product without its customers knowing that Open Liberty is even there. Customers need only care about DATA ONE. So customers’ developers don’t have to skill up on yet another technology or care about how to operate the runtime that their platform is based upon.


In almost complete contrast to invisibility, Primeur also required a runtime that enables great observability. As an ISV, shipping products, installing them at customer sites in the most frictionless way, and adopting them for production environments is just the beginning. When customers raise problems, the complexity of cloud-native application architectures and distributed cloud infrastructure can make it difficult to detect bottlenecks and failure points. Primeur’s engineers can effectively and efficiently use Open Liberty’s problem-determination tools to monitor, trace, and generally probe Open Liberty until they can identify the root cause of any problems reported by their customers. Moreover, Primeur’s combined use of Open Liberty and IBM Semeru Runtimes JDK enables them to also easily diagnose problems at the JVM level.

Additional valuable Liberty features

Primeur also liked the flexibility of Open Liberty in helping its customers to move at their own pace from more traditional deployment models to containerized deployments in the cloud. Open Liberty supports the use of cloud-native frameworks and platforms, like Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, and OpenShift. Open Liberty also enables Primeur to deploy DATA ONE either natively or in containers, according to its customers’ preferences and skills. This flexibility means that their customers can transition from traditional to containerized deployments at their own pace.

Open Liberty’s frequent updates with security and non-security fixes, and its zero migration architecture, mean that Primeur’s DATA ONE can be kept up-to-date and secure. It can also access IBM’s support to mitigate complex risks and to solve challenging problems.

Find out more

To find out more about Primeur’s experience using Open Liberty, as well as its experience using other complementary cloud-native tools such as IBM Semeru Runtime with Open Liberty, head over to the IBM Cloud Blog: How Open Liberty and IBM Semeru Runtime proved to be the perfect pillars for Primeur.