Differences between MicroProfile 6.1 and 6.0

MicroProfile 6.1 is a minor release. It includes minor changes for the MicroProfile Config 3.1, Metrics 5.1, and Telemetry 1.1 features.

If you are updating your application from using MicroProfile 6.0 features to using MicroProfile 6.1 features, changes in API behavior might require you to update your application code. The following sections provide details about migrating your applications from MicroProfile 6.0 to 6.1:

Differences between MicroProfile Config 3.1 and 3.0

The changes for MicroProfile Config 3.1 are minor specification refinements and TCK improvements. The update clarifies that the profile-specific properties affect only the values that are selected from each configuration source, not among the configuration sources. The TCK updates make sure that the tests are compatible with CDI Lite.

Differences between MicroProfile Metrics 5.0 and 5.1

The MicroProfile Metrics 5.1 release introduces many changes to the specification and programming model that impact users who are migrating from MicroProfile Metrics 5.0.

The MicroProfile Metrics 5.1 release introduces a set of new MicroProfile Config properties that customize the metric data that is tracked and output by the histogram and timer metrics. MicroProfile Metrics 5.1 introduces properties that specify a custom range of percentiles and a custom set of histogram buckets specifically for histogram and timer metrics. More configuration properties are now available for establishing a default range of histogram buckets, including options to specify the starting and ending points of the bucket set.

New Properties in MicroProfile Metrics 5.1




Customize the percentile or quantile output for histogram and timers


Customize the set of histogram-buckets to be output by histogram metric


Customize the set of histogram-buckets to be output by timer metric


Enable a pre-set list of histogram-buckets for the histogram or timer metric


Upper bound bucket for pre-set list of histogram-buckets for histogram metric


Lower bound bucket for pre-set list of histogram-buckets for histogram metric


Upper bound bucket for pre-set list of timer-buckets for histogram metric


Lower bound bucket for pre-set list of timer-buckets for histogram metric

For more information on the properties and how to use them, see the MicroProfile Config properties: MicroProfile Metrics.

The following example of MicroProfile Config definitions sets up the alpha.timer metric to output the 50th, 70th, 75th, and 80th percentile. It also configures histogram buckets to track and report the count of durations within specific intervals: from 0 to 100 milliseconds, 0 to 200 milliseconds, and 0 to 1 second. These intervals function as cumulative ranges, which is how the histogram buckets operate.


The corresponding Prometheus output for the alpha.timer metric at the /metrics REST endpoint is as follows.

# HELP alpha_timer_seconds_max
# TYPE alpha_timer_seconds_max gauge
alpha_timer_seconds_max{scope="application",} 5.633
# HELP alpha_timer_seconds
# TYPE alpha_timer_seconds histogram (1)
alpha_timer_seconds{scope="application",quantile="0.5",} 0.67108864
alpha_timer_seconds{scope="application",quantile="0.7",} 5.603590144
alpha_timer_seconds{scope="application",quantile="0.75",} 5.603590144
alpha_timer_seconds{scope="application",quantile="0.8",} 5.603590144
alpha_timer_seconds_bucket{scope="application",le="0.1",} 0.0 (2)
alpha_timer_seconds_bucket{scope="application",le="0.2",} 0.0 (2)
alpha_timer_seconds_bucket{scope="application",le="1.0",} 1.0 (2)
alpha_timer_seconds_bucket{scope="application",le="+Inf",} 2.0  (2)(3)
alpha_timer_seconds_count{scope="application",} 2.0
alpha_timer_seconds_sum{scope="application",} 6.333
1The Prometheus metric type is histogram, where both quantiles or percentiles, and buckets, are represented under this type.
2The le tag represents less than and is for the defined buckets that are converted to seconds.
3Prometheus requires that a +Inf bucket that count all hits.

Also, the @RegistryScope annotation, suitable for use during metric registry injection, is now a CDI qualifier.

Differences between MicroProfile Telemetry 1.0 and 1.1

MicroProfile Telemetry 1.1 equips you with the most recent Open Telemetry technology. This feature now uses OpenTelemetry-1.29.0, upgraded from 1.19.0. Therefore, a significant number of the dependencies are now stable. This feature provides seamless integration with several environments. It is compatible with Java EE 7 and MicroProfile 1.4, and also Java EE 8 and MicroProfile 4.1. It also supports Jakarta EE 9 with MicroProfile 5.0, and Jakarta EE 10 paired with MicroProfile 6.1.