Get started with Open Liberty

Whether trying or updating Open Liberty, we've got you covered!

Launch a sample app

Open Liberty is fast and composable, but don’t take our word for it - try it out!

git clone
cd sample-getting-started
mvn liberty:dev
Then, go to: http://localhost:9080

Get Open Liberty

Get Open Liberty using these commands for Maven, Gradle, or Docker.


Find out how to use Maven with Open Liberty.

dependencies {
libertyRuntime group: 'io.openliberty', name: 'openliberty-runtime', version: '[,)'

Find out how to use Gradle with Open Liberty.

docker pull open-liberty

Find out how to use Docker with Open Liberty.

Download package

We recommend using the latest release, but beta and development builds are also available for use. Once downloaded, you're ready for lift-off.

New releases will be announced on the Open Liberty blog and Twitter.


Try out new features in our betas and let us know your feedback. Beta content may change from release to release.


Nightly builds contain in-development features, have not gone through the full release process and are potentially unstable.

Build DateTestsLogsDownload

We recommend IDE tools based on Eclipse since it gives you an integrated environment right out of the box. Learn how to install the tools here.



Development builds

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Don't have a cow.

More downloads are on the way.
Check back soon!