The most flexible server runtime in the cosmos is open to Earth's JavaTM developers.

Open Liberty provides developers with proven Java EE 8 technology and the latest Eclipse MicroProfile™ capabilities for building microservices. Building cloud-native apps and microservices has never been more efficient, since you only have to run what you need. Our goal is to give you just enough to get the job done without getting in your way.

Why open source Liberty?

Back in 2012, we reinvented the application server for the cloud with WebSphere Liberty. Today, we're striving to make Liberty even more user-friendly, and the right fit for your application in any environment you choose to run. Looking toward the future, we believe the combination of Java, open standards and open source is the best way to enable developers to create amazing applications. So we got together with Red Hat, Payara, Tomitribe, and others to accelerate Java for creating Microservices, and we're taking the next step by creating open source from our MicroProfile runtime and Java EE.

Now, you're open to explore everything Liberty has to offer inside and out. So what are you waiting for? Join us in shaping the next evolution of Java in the cloud.

Open Liberty Support

As part of our commitment to making development with Open Liberty as smooth as possible, paid support is available through IBM. Get your team guaranteed access to the developers behind Open Liberty.

Get Open Liberty Support from IBM

Only what you need

Bloated deployment packages are a thing of the past; welcome to the future, where you only have to keep the bits your app needs to get its job done. This lightness is all thanks to a modular runtime, which makes Open Liberty ideal for building microservices, deploying into cloud environments, or running on lightweight hardware and tiny devices.

Lightspeed fast


Fast to start

You can easily download the runtime as a zip file. You can use our pre-built image in Docker Hub or build your own image with your preferred build tool such as Maven or Gradle.


Dynamic update capabilities

Rapidly prototype and test your code without restarting the server.

It’s not rocket science (anymore)

Open Liberty streamlines deployment. Build, change and maintain your apps with a simple XML config and a clear separation between code and configuration. Moving your apps between environments has never been easier.

Use your favorite tools

Keep working with the tools you're already using. You can easily wrap the Open Liberty runtime with your favorite tools and devops pipeline and include it as part of your build.

Or our favorite tools

If you need it, we also provide a complete developer environment built on Eclipse that integrates with the runtime – so you can code, build, debug, test, and run your apps wherever you are.


Help us evolve

Community driven progress

The tools you use shouldn’t leave you in the dark. After all, you’re the one who has to manage your apps and microservices. That said, we want you involved in the future of Open Liberty. Don't just tell us what you want to see, help build it!

Welcome to the community

Don’t wait another planetary rotation

Join the community, and give Open Liberty a try!