Interface ConfigSourceProvider

  • public interface ConfigSourceProvider
    A provider for configuration source instances.

    Implementations of this interface may supply zero or more configuration source instances for a given application (as defined by the application's ClassLoader).

    Instances of this interface will be discovered via the ServiceLoader mechanism and can be registered by providing a META-INF/services/org.eclipse.microprofile.config.spi.ConfigSourceProvider resource which contains the fully qualified class name of the custom ConfigSourceProvider implementation.

    • Method Detail

      • getConfigSources

        java.lang.Iterable<ConfigSource> getConfigSources​(java.lang.ClassLoader forClassLoader)
        Return the ConfigSource instances that are provided by this provider. The Iterable contains a fixed number of configuration sources, determined at application start time, and the config sources themselves may be static or dynamic. An empty Iterable may be returned if no sources are to be provided.
        forClassLoader - the class loader which should be used for discovery and resource loading purposes
        the ConfigSource instances to register to the configuration