Interface ProducerFactory<X>

  • Type Parameters:
    X - type of the bean containing the producer

    public interface ProducerFactory<X>

    An ProducerFactory can create an Producer for a given bean.

    The ProducerFactory obtained from BeanManager.getProducerFactory(AnnotatedMethod, Bean) or BeanManager.getProducerFactory(AnnotatedField, Bean) is capable of providing container created producers. This factory can be wrapped to add behavior to container created producers.

    For example:

     BeanAttributes<MyBean> myBeanAttributes = beanManager.createBeanAttributes(myBeanAnnotatedFieldField);
     beanManager.createBean(myBeanAttributes, MyBean.class, new ProducerFactory() {
         public <T> Producer<T> createProducer(Bean<T> bean) {
             return new WrappingProducer<T>(beanManager.getProducerFactory(myBeanAnnotatedField).createProducer(bean));
    • Method Detail

      • createProducer

        <T> Producer<T> createProducer​(Bean<T> bean)
        Create a new producer for a bean.
        bean - the bean to create the producer for, or null if creating a non-contextual object
        the producer