Interface Bean<T>

    • Method Detail

      • getBeanClass

        java.lang.Class<?> getBeanClass​()
        The bean class of the managed bean or session bean or of the bean that declares the producer method or field.
        the bean class
      • getInjectionPoints

        java.util.Set<InjectionPoint> getInjectionPoints​()
        Obtains the InjectionPoint objects representing injection points of the bean, that will be validated by the container at initialization time.
        the set of injection points of the bean
      • isNullable

        boolean isNullable​()

        Determines if Contextual.create(CreationalContext) sometimes return a null value.

        As of CDI 1.1 this method is deprecated and can safely always return false.

        true if the create() method may return a null value, and false otherwise