Interface ProcessSessionBean<X>

  • Type Parameters:
    X -
    All Superinterfaces:
    ProcessBean<X>, ProcessManagedBean<java.lang.Object>

    public interface ProcessSessionBean<X>
    extends ProcessManagedBean<java.lang.Object>

    The container fires an event of this type for each enabled session bean, before registering the Bean object.

    If any observer method of a ProcessSessionBean event throws an exception, the exception is treated as a definition error by the container.

    Note that the type parameter of the super-interface of ProcessSessionBean is Object as ProcessBean allows you access to the Bean, which in turn allows you to instantiate an instance, which, for interface-view EJBs will not be an instance of X.

    • Method Detail

      • getEjbName

        java.lang.String getEjbName​()
        Returns the EJB name of the session bean.
        the name of the EJB