featureUtility viewSettings

With the featureUtility viewSettings command, you can view Maven repository and proxy settings when Maven repositories other than Maven Central are configured. When you run the command, the settings from the featureUtility.properties file are displayed.

Usage example

Display detailed error messages for the validation of your featureUtility.properties file. With this option, only lines with errors are displayed:

featureUtility viewSettings --viewValidationMessages


Run the command from the path_to_liberty/wlp/bin directory.

featureUtility viewSettings [option]


Option for the featureUtility viewSettings command


Displays detailed messages from the validation of the configured featureUtility.properties file. Each message contains an error code, the line number where the error was found, and the cause of the error.

Exit codes

The following exit codes are available for the featureUtility viewSettings command:

Exit codes for the featureUtility viewSettings command


OK. 0 indicates successful completion of the requested operation.


20 indicates that one or more arguments are not valid.


21 indicates that a runtime exception occurred during connection to a repository.