CouchDB Integration

This feature has been stabilized. The strategic alternative to this feature is the cloudant-1.0 feature. This feature enables connections to CouchDB by providing a connector instance configured in the server configuration, which can be injected or accessed through JNDI. Applications use the ektorp client library to utilize the connector instance to work with CouchDB.

Enabling this feature

To enable the CouchDB Integration 1.0 feature, add the following element declaration into your server.xml file, inside the featureManager element:


Feature configuration elements

Supported Java versions

  • JavaSE-1.8

  • JavaSE-11.0

  • JavaSE-17.0

  • JavaSE-21.0

Developing a feature that depends on this feature

If you are developing a feature that depends on this feature, include the following item in the Subsystem-Content header in your feature manifest file.; type="osgi.subsystem.feature"