Package javax.faces.view.facelets

This package contains public classes for the Java code API of Facelets. The vast majority of Facelets users have no need to access the Java API and can get all their work done using the tag-level API. These classes are provided for users that have a need for a Java API that allows participation in the execution of a Facelets View, which happens as a result of the runtime calling ViewDeclarationLanguage.buildView().

UML Class Diagram of classes in this package

The most common usecase for participating in the execution of a Facelets View is to provide a custom tag handler in those cases when the non-Java API methods for doing so is not sufficient. In such cases, Java classes may extend from ComponentHandler, BehaviorHandler, ConverterHandler, or ValidatorHandler depending upon the kind of JSF Java API artifact they want to represent in the Facelets VDL page.