Class TagHandlerDelegate

  • public abstract class TagHandlerDelegate
    extends java.lang.Object

    Abstract class that defines methods relating to helping tag handler instances. This abstraction enables implementation details to be hidden by the JSF implementation while still allowing concrete classes to be defined for extension by users.

    • Constructor Detail

      • TagHandlerDelegate

        public TagHandlerDelegate​()
    • Method Detail

      • createMetaRuleset

        public abstract MetaRuleset createMetaRuleset​(java.lang.Class type)

        Return a MetaRuleset particular to this kind of tag handler. Called from classes that implement MetaTagHandler.

        type - the Class for which the MetaRuleset must be created.
        a MetaRuleset particular to this kind of tag handler.
      • apply

        public abstract void apply​(FaceletContext ctx,
                                   UIComponent comp)

        Called by classes that implement FaceletHandler in their implementation of apply().

        If the argument comp is new to the view, for each tag attribute declared to be in the pass through attribute namespace, set the name and value of the attribute into the pass through attributes map of the component. See UIComponent.getPassThroughAttributes(boolean). See the VDLDocs for the namespace URI of the pass through attribute namespace. Attributes whose value is a ValueExpression must remain un-evaluated and stored in the map as ValueExpression instances.

        ctx - the FaceletContext for this request
        comp - the UIComponent that corresponds to this element.
        Throws: - if any files necessary to apply this tag handler have any difficulty while loading