Annotation Type SessionScoped

  • @Target({TYPE,METHOD,FIELD})
    public @interface SessionScoped

    Specifies that a bean is session scoped.

    While SessionScoped must be associated with the built-in session context required by the specification, third-party extensions are allowed to also associate it with their own context. Behavior described below is only related to the built-in session context.

    The session scope is active:

    • during the service() method of any servlet in the web application,
    • during the doFilter() method of any servlet filter, and
    • when the container calls any HttpSessionListener, AsyncListener or ServletRequestListener.

    The session context is shared between all servlet requests that occur in the same HTTP session.

    The session context is destroyed:

    • when the HTTPSession times out, after all HttpSessionListeners have been called, or
    • at the very end of any request in which invalidate() was called, after all filters and ServletRequestListeners have been called.

    An event with qualifier @Initialized(SessionScoped.class) is fired when the session context is initialized and an event with qualifier @Destroyed(SessionScoped.class) when the session context is destroyed. The event payload is the HttpSession