Interface ContextManagerExtension

  • public interface ContextManagerExtension

    ContextManagerExtension instances receive notification upon creation of each ContextManager.

    This serves as a convenient invocation point for enabling system wide context propagator hooks.

    Implementations of ContextManagerExtension and related classes are packaged within a third party JAR file, or they can be supplied by the container or MicroProfile Context Propagation implementation. ContextManagerExtensions are made discoverable via the standard ServiceLoader mechanism. The JAR file that packages it must include a file of the following name and location,


    The content of the aforementioned file must be one or more lines, each specifying the fully qualified name of a ContextManagerExtension implementation that is provided within the JAR file.

    Upon successful ContextManager creation, the MicroProfile Context Propagation implementation must subsequently query the container's ServiceLoader for all ContextManagerExtensions and call the setup method on each instance.

    • Method Detail

      • setup

        void setup​(ContextManager manager)
        This method is called after every ContextManager instance has been successfully created. Implementations may use the supplied manager to create and configure builders and build instances of ManagedExecutor and ThreadContext.
        manager - the ContextManager instance that was just created.