Annotation Type DefaultValue

    public @interface DefaultValue
    Defines the default value of request meta-data that is bound using one of the following annotations: PathParam, QueryParam, MatrixParam, CookieParam, FormParam, or HeaderParam. The default value is used if the corresponding meta-data is not present in the request.

    If the type of the annotated parameter is List, Set or SortedSet then the resulting collection will have a single entry mapped from the supplied default value.

    If this annotation is not used and the corresponding meta-data is not present in the request, the value will be an empty collection for List, Set or SortedSet, null for other object types, and the Java-defined default for primitive types.

    See Also:
    PathParam, QueryParam, FormParam, HeaderParam, MatrixParam, CookieParam
    • Required Element Summary

      Required Elements 
      Modifier and Type Required Element Description
      java.lang.String value
      The specified default value.
    • Element Detail

      • value

        java.lang.String value
        The specified default value.