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    public static interface Stage.FromCompletionStage
    extends Stage
    A publisher representation of a CompletionStage.

    This stage must emit the value produced by the CompletionStage, then immediately complete the stream. If the value is null, then no element must be emitted, and the stream should be failed with a NullPointerException. If the CompletionStage is redeemed with a failure, the stream must be failed with that failure.

    If the stream is cancelled by downstream before the CompletionStage has been redeemed, then this stage must do nothing. It must not cancel the CompletionStage (since CompletionStage offers no API for cancellation), and it must not emit any further signals when the CompletionStage is redeemed.

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      • getCompletionStage

        java.util.concurrent.CompletionStage<?> getCompletionStage​()
        Get the CompletionStage.
        The completion stage.