Interface SubscriberBuilder<T,R>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - The type of the elements that this subscriber consumes.
    R - The type of the result that this subscriber emits.
    All Superinterfaces:

    public interface SubscriberBuilder<T,R>
    extends ProducesResult<R>
    A builder for a Subscriber and its result.

    When built, this builder returns a CompletionSubscriber, which encapsulates both a Subscriber and a CompletionStage that will be redeemed with the result produced by the subscriber when the stream completes normally, or will be redeemed with an error if the subscriber receives an error. A SubscriberBuilder may represent a compound set of stream stages and may complete exceptionally without receiving an error externally. Similarly, SubscriberBuilders may encapsulate error handling such as the onErrorResume operator and recover from an externally received errors.

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