Interface ElementDescriptor.ConstraintFinder

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static interface ElementDescriptor.ConstraintFinder
    Declares restrictions on retrieved constraints. Restrictions are cumulative.

    A ConstraintFinder is not thread-safe. The set of matching ConstraintDescriptor is.

    • Method Detail

      • unorderedAndMatchingGroups

        ElementDescriptor.ConstraintFinder unorderedAndMatchingGroups​(java.lang.Class<?>... groups)
        Restricts to the constraints matching a given set of groups for this element.

        This method respects group conversion, group sequences and group inheritance (including class-level Default group overriding) but does not return ConstraintDescriptors in any particular order. Specifically, ordering of the group sequence is not respected.

        groups - groups targeted
        this following the chaining method pattern
      • declaredOn

        ElementDescriptor.ConstraintFinder declaredOn​(java.lang.annotation.ElementType... types)
        Restricts to the constraints hosted on the listed types for a given element.

        Defaults to all possible types of the element.

        Typically used to restrict to fields (FIELD) or getters (METHOD).

        types - targeted types
        this following the chaining method pattern
      • getConstraintDescriptors

        java.util.Set<ConstraintDescriptor<?>> getConstraintDescriptors​()
        Retrieves the constraint descriptors following the defined restrictions and hosted on the element described by ElementDescriptor.
        matching constraint descriptors
      • hasConstraints

        boolean hasConstraints​()
        Returns true if at least one constraint declaration matching the restrictions is present on the element, false otherwise.
        true if there is at least one constraint