Package javax.ejb

Annotation Type MessageDriven

  • @Target(TYPE)
    public @interface MessageDriven
    Component-defining annotation for a message driven bean.

    The message driven bean must implement the appropriate message listener interface for the messaging type that the message-driven bean supports or specify the message listener interface using the messageListenerInterface element of this annotation.

    EJB 3.0
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    • Element Detail

      • name

        java.lang.String name
        The ejb-name for this bean. Defaults to the unqualified name of the message driven bean class.
      • messageListenerInterface

        java.lang.Class messageListenerInterface
        Message-listener interface. If the message-driven bean class implements more than one interface other than,, or any of the interfaces defined by the javax.ejb package, the message listener interface must be specified.
      • mappedName

        java.lang.String mappedName
        A product specific name(e.g. global JNDI name of a queue) that this message-driven bean should be mapped to. Application servers are not required to support any particular form or type of mapped name, nor the ability to use mapped names. The mapped name is product-dependent and often installation-dependent. No use of a mapped name is portable.
      • description

        java.lang.String description
        A string describing the message driven bean.