Class LocalTarget

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public class LocalTarget extends Object implements CommandTarget
The LocalTarget class provides an implementation of the CommandTarget interface. It provides an executeCommand() method that runs the command locally, in the client's JVM.

Applications that need to run commands remotely must override this implementation.

  • Constructor Details

    • LocalTarget

      public LocalTarget()
  • Method Details

    • executeCommand

      public TargetableCommand executeCommand(TargetableCommand command) throws RemoteException, CommandException
      Runs a command locally (in the client's JVM).
      Specified by:
      executeCommand in interface CommandTarget
      command - The targetable command to be run.
      The command after it has been run. If the hasOutputProperties() method on the command returns false, this method can return null as a performance optimization.
      RemoteException - The superclass for all remote exceptions. This implementation should never throw a remote exception.
      CommandException - The superclass for all command exceptions.