Deprecated API


  • Deprecated Classes
    This Class represents a variable specified in the cachespec.xml document. If an application uses its own Id or MetaDataGenerator, this class can be used to read the cache policies defined in the Application Assembly Tool (WAS 4.x and higher), or in the cachespec.xml file (WAS 5.0 and higher). It stores all the data specified in the xml file for this variable. The variable may be:
    • a request parameter, (a String defined externally by a client),
    • a request attribute (java object, attached to a ServletRequest object previously in a servlet/JSP),
    • a session parameter (java object attached an HttpSession object)
    For example, a request parameter defined so in cachespec.xml

    <parameter id="cityname" data_id="city" required="true" />

    would generate a ConfigElement object where
    • id returns "cityname",
    • method returns null,
    • dataId returns "city",
    • invalidate returns null,
    • required returns TRUE,
    • and type returns ConfigElement.RequestParameter.
    You should use