Class ReactiveStreamsFactoryResolver

  • public class ReactiveStreamsFactoryResolver
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class is not intended to be used by end-users but for portable container integration purpose only.

    Service provider for ReactiveStreamsFactory. The implementation registers itself via the ServiceLoader mechanism.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ReactiveStreamsFactoryResolver

        protected ReactiveStreamsFactoryResolver()
    • Method Detail

      • instance

        public static ReactiveStreamsFactory instance()
        Creates a ReactiveStreamsFactory object Only used internally from within ReactiveStreams
        ReactiveStreamsFactory an instance of ReactiveStreamsFactory
      • setInstance

        public static void setInstance​(ReactiveStreamsFactory factory)
        Set the instance. It is used by OSGi environment while service loader pattern is not supported.
        factory - set the instance.