Package org.eclipse.microprofile.reactive.messaging.spi

The MicroProfile Reactive Messaging API Connector SPI

This package provides the SPI to implement connectors. A connector can be seen as a Reactive Messaging plug-in to support a specific messaging technology. For example, you can have a Kafka connector to deal with Kafka, an AMQP connector to interact with AMQP brokers and routers and so on. Connector implementation should be agnostic to the Reactive Messaging implementation. A connector can be seen as:

  • a source of messages - it retrieves messages and injects them into the Reactive Messaging application. To manage this direction, the connector implementation must implement the IncomingConnectorFactory interface.
  • a sink of messages - it forwards messages emitted by the Reactive Messaging application to the managed technology. To achieve this, the connector implementation must implement the OutgoingConnectorFactory interface.
Connectors are implemented as CDI beans and identified using the Connector qualifier. Connectors receive the channel configuration matching their Connector name.