Interface ServerEndpointConfig

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    public interface ServerEndpointConfig
    extends EndpointConfig
    The ServerEndpointConfig is a special kind of endpoint configuration object that contains web socket configuration information specific only to server endpoints. For developers deploying programmatic endpoints, ServerEndpointConfig objects can be created using a ServerEndpointConfig.Builder. Certain configuration operations can be customized by providing a ServerEndpointConfig.Configurator
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      • getEndpointClass

        java.lang.Class<?> getEndpointClass​()
        Returns the Class of the endpoint this configuration is configuring. If the endpoint is an annotated endpoint, the value is the class of the Java class annotated with @ServerEndpoint. if the endpoint is a programmatic, the value is the class of the subclass of Endpoint.
        the class of the endpoint, annotated or programmatic.
      • getPath

        java.lang.String getPath​()
        Return the path for this endpoint configuration. The path is the URI or URI-template (level 1) relative to the websocket root of the server to which the endpoint using this configuration will be mapped. The path is always non-null and always begins with a leading "/".
        the relative path for this configuration.
      • getSubprotocols

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> getSubprotocols​()
        Return the websocket subprotocols configured.
        the list of subprotocols, the empty list if none
      • getExtensions

        java.util.List<Extension> getExtensions​()
        Return the websocket extensions configured.
        the list of extensions, the empty list if none.