Interface Path

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    public interface Path
    extends java.lang.Iterable<Path.Node>
    Represents the navigation path from an object to another in an object graph. Each path element is represented by a Node.

    The path corresponds to the succession of nodes in the order they are returned by the Iterator.

    • Nested Class Summary

      Nested Classes 
      Modifier and Type Interface Description
      static interface  Path.BeanNode
      Node representing a bean.
      static interface  Path.ConstructorNode
      Node representing a constructor.
      static interface  Path.ContainerElementNode
      Node representing an element in a generic container such as Optional, List or Map.
      static interface  Path.CrossParameterNode
      Node representing the element holding cross-parameter constraints of a method or constructor.
      static interface  Path.MethodNode
      Node representing a method.
      static interface  Path.Node
      Represents an element of a navigation path.
      static interface  Path.ParameterNode
      Node representing a parameter of a method or constructor.
      static interface  Path.PropertyNode
      Node representing a property.
      static interface  Path.ReturnValueNode
      Node representing the return value of a method or constructor.
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      java.lang.String toString​()
      Returns a human-readable representation of this path.
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        forEach, iterator, spliterator
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      • toString

        java.lang.String toString​()
        Returns a human-readable representation of this path.

        Clients should not rely on any specific structure of the returned value. Instead they should iterate through the path nodes and obtain any required information by calling the methods on Path.Node and its sub-types.

        toString in class java.lang.Object
        a human-readable representation of this path