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    public interface Referenceable
    extends javax.naming.Referenceable
    The Referenceable interface extends the javax.naming.Referenceable interface. It enables support for JNDI Reference mechanism for the registration of the connection factory in the JNDI name space. Note that the implementation and structure of Reference is specific to an application server.

    The implementation class for a connection factory interface is required to implement both and javax.resource.Referenceable interfaces to support JNDI registration.

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      void setReference​(javax.naming.Reference reference)
      Sets the Reference instance.
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        void setReference​(javax.naming.Reference reference)
        Sets the Reference instance. This method is called by the deployment code to set the Reference that can be later returned by the getReference method (as defined in the javax.naming.Referenceable interface).
        reference - A Reference instance
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