Package javax.ejb.spi

Interface EJBContainerProvider

  • public interface EJBContainerProvider
    The EJBContainerProvider SPI is used by the embeddable container bootstrap class to initialize a suitable embeddable container.
    EJB 3.1
    • Method Detail

      • createEJBContainer

        EJBContainer createEJBContainer​(java.util.Map<?,?> properties)
                                 throws EJBException
        Called by the embeddable container bootstrap process to find a suitable embeddable container implementation. An embeddable container provider may deem itself as appropriate for the embeddable application if any of the following are true :
        • The javax.ejb.embeddable.provider property was included in the Map passed to createEJBContainer and the value of the property is the provider's implementation class.
        • No javax.ejb.embeddable.provider property was specified.
        If a provider does not qualify as the provider for the embeddable application, it must return null.
        properties - Spec-defined and/or vendor-specific properties, that were passed to javax.ejb.embeddable.EJBContainer#createEJBContainer(Map<?,?>) call
        EJBContainer instance or null