Class W3CEndpointReference

  • public final class W3CEndpointReference
    extends EndpointReference
    This class represents a W3C Addressing EndpointReferece which is a remote reference to a web service endpoint that supports the W3C WS-Addressing 1.0 - Core Recommendation.

    Developers should use this class in their SEIs if they want to pass/return endpoint references that represent the W3C WS-Addressing recommendation.

    Jakarta XML Binding will use the Jakarta XML Binding annotations and bind this class to XML infoset that is consistent with that defined by WS-Addressing. See WS-Addressing for more information on WS-Addressing EndpointReferences.

    1.6, JAX-WS 2.1
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      protected static java.lang.String NS
      Addressing namespace.
    • Constructor Summary

      Modifier Constructor Description
      protected W3CEndpointReference()
      Default constructor.
        W3CEndpointReference​(javax.xml.transform.Source source)
      Creates an EPR from infoset representation
    • Method Summary

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      void writeTo​(javax.xml.transform.Result result)
      write this EndpointReference to the specified infoset format
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    • Field Detail

    • Constructor Detail

      • W3CEndpointReference

        protected W3CEndpointReference()
        Default constructor.
      • W3CEndpointReference

        public W3CEndpointReference​(javax.xml.transform.Source source)
        Creates an EPR from infoset representation
        source - A source object containing valid XmlInfoset instance consistent with the W3C WS-Addressing Core recommendation.
        WebServiceException - If the source does NOT contain a valid W3C WS-Addressing EndpointReference.
        java.lang.NullPointerException - If the null source value is given
    • Method Detail

      • writeTo

        public void writeTo​(javax.xml.transform.Result result)
        write this EndpointReference to the specified infoset format
        Specified by:
        writeTo in class EndpointReference
        result - for writing infoset