Interface LoopTag

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    JspTag, Tag
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    public interface LoopTag
    extends Tag

    The Jakarta Standard Tag Library allows developers to write custom iteration tags by implementing the LoopTag interface. This is not to be confused with jakarta.servlet.jsp.tagext.IterationTag as defined in Jakarta Server Pages 1.2. LoopTag establishes a mechanism for iteration tags to be recognized and for type-safe implicit collaboration with custom subtags.

    In most cases, it will not be necessary to implement this interface manually, for a base support class (LoopTagSupport) is provided to facilitate implementation.

    • Method Detail

      • getCurrent

        java.lang.Object getCurrent()
        Retrieves the current item in the iteration. Behaves idempotently; calling getCurrent() repeatedly should return the same Object until the iteration is advanced. (Specifically, calling getCurrent() does not advance the iteration.)
        the current item as an object
      • getLoopStatus

        LoopTagStatus getLoopStatus()
        Retrieves a 'status' object to provide information about the current round of the iteration.
        The LoopTagStatus for the current LoopTag.