Interface HttpJspPage

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    JspPage, Servlet

    public interface HttpJspPage
    extends JspPage
    The HttpJspPage interface describes the interaction that a JSP Page Implementation Class must satisfy when using the HTTP protocol.

    The behaviour is identical to that of the JspPage, except for the signature of the _jspService method, which is now expressible in the Java type system and included explicitly in the interface.

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      • _jspService

        void _jspService​(HttpServletRequest request,
                         HttpServletResponse response)
                  throws ServletException,
        The _jspService()method corresponds to the body of the JSP page. This method is defined automatically by the JSP container and should never be defined by the JSP page author.

        If a superclass is specified using the extends attribute, that superclass may choose to perform some actions in its service() method before or after calling the _jspService() method. See using the extends attribute in the JSP_Engine chapter of the JSP specification.

        request - Provides client request information to the JSP.
        response - Assists the JSP in sending a response to the client.
        ServletException - Thrown if an error occurred during the processing of the JSP and that the container should take appropriate action to clean up the request. - Thrown if an error occurred while writing the response for this page.