Interface ResourceAdapterAssociation

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    public interface ResourceAdapterAssociation
    This interface specifies the methods to associate a ResourceAdapter object with other objects that implement this interface like ManagedConnectionFactory and ActivationSpec.
    • Method Detail

      • getResourceAdapter

        ResourceAdapter getResourceAdapter()
        Get the associated ResourceAdapter object.
        the associated ResourceAdapter object.
      • setResourceAdapter

        void setResourceAdapter​(ResourceAdapter ra)
                         throws ResourceException
        Associate this object with a ResourceAdapter object. Note, this method must be called exactly once. That is, the association must not change during the lifetime of this object.
        ra - ResourceAdapter object to be associated with.
        ResourceException - generic exception.
        ResourceAdapterInternalException - resource adapter related error condition.
        IllegalStateException - indicates that this object is in an illegal state for the method invocation. For example, this occurs when this method is called more than once on the same object.