Package jakarta.jms

Interface XAQueueSession

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    java.lang.AutoCloseable, java.lang.Runnable, Session, XASession

    public interface XAQueueSession
    extends XASession
    An XAQueueSession provides a regular QueueSession, which can be used to create QueueReceiver, QueueSender, and QueueBrowser objects (optional).

    The XAQueueSession interface is optional. Jakarta Messaging providers are not required to support this interface. This interface is for use by Jakarta Messaging providers to support transactional environments. Client programs are strongly encouraged to use the transactional support available in their environment, rather than use these XA interfaces directly.

    JMS 1.0
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      • getQueueSession

        QueueSession getQueueSession()
                              throws JMSException
        Gets the queue session associated with this XAQueueSession.
        the queue session object
        JMSException - if an internal error occurs.