@Version("1.0.0") package
Provides the interfaces and classes for caching results from servlets, JSPs and webservices.
  • Class
    This class identifies cacheable JSPs to the fragment cache.
    This interface identifies cacheable servlets to the fragment cache.
    This Class represents a variable specified in the cachespec.xml document.
    You should use
    Implement this interface in your Servlet or JSP to have a callback invoked during cache hits.
    This is the service provider's interface (SPI) for plugging in an external cache (eg, the AFPA cache, a web server cache, a proxy server cache or a sprayer cache).
    This is a simple struct object that contains url, html and header members for an external cache entry.
    FragmentInfo extends the EntryInfo interface to add variables unique to externally cacheable pages.
    The IdGenerator normally is responsible for generating cache entry ids and data ids, and invalidating data ids.
    The MetaDataGenerator normally is responsible for assigning timeout, external cache group, and priority via the appropriate methods in the entry's FragmentInfo object.
    This interface is a proxy for the WebSphere request object.
    This interface is a proxy for the WebSphere response object.