@Version("1.0.0") package
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    The CacheableCommand interface provides the contract between the client and the command implementation for those commands that participate in the command caching framework.
    This CacheableCommandImpl abstract class provides an implementation for all CacheableCommand interface methods except those that the command writer must write.
    The Command interface defines the client side for fundamental command functionality.
    This interface allows the caller of a command to have additional invalidation dependencies added by this command.
    This is the base class for all Command exceptions.
    The CommandIdGenerator is responsible for generating cache entry ids and data ids, and invalidating data ids for command objects.
    The CommandTarget interface describes the object that handles the execution of a targetable command.
    The CompensableCommand interface allows you to make a command reversible.
    The LocalTarget class provides an implementation of the CommandTarget interface.
    The TargetableCommand interface describes a command that can be run in a remote JVM.
    The TargetableCommandImpl class implements the generic methods in the TargetableCommand interface.
    The TargetPolicy interface declares one method, getCommandTarget(), which implements the routine used to associate commands and targets.
    The TargetPolicyDefault class provides an implementation of the TargetPolicy interface.
    UnauthorizedAccessException is thrown when attempting to execute a command without access authorization.
    UnavailableCompensableCommandException is thrown by the getCompensatingCommand() method (in the CompensableCommand interface) if it finds no compensating command to return.
    UnsetInputPropertiesException is thrown by the execute() method (in a TargetableCommandImpl class) if a command's isReadyToCallExecute() method returns false.