featureUtility installFeature

The featureUtility installFeature command installs a single feature or a list of space-separated features. You can use the featureUtility installFeature command to install features into Open Liberty from Maven Central, or from a Maven repository that’s hosted inside your firewall.

You can modify the behavior of the featureUtility installFeature command by declaring environment variables in the shell environment or by specifying properties in the featureUtility.properties file that’s located in the {wlp.install.dir}/etc/ directory. For example, you can define a local Maven repository to override Maven central when you install a feature. For more information, see Modifications for featureUtility commands.

Usage examples

Install the MicroProfile Health 2.2 feature from Maven Central:

featureUtility installFeature mpHealth-2.2

Install the MicroProfile Health 2.2 feature without caching the feature to the local Maven repository:

featureUtility installFeature mpHealth-2.2 --noCache


Run the command from the path_to_liberty/bin directory.

featureUtility installFeature featureName [options]

The name of the feature or features that you want to install. You can include one or more space-separated features by specifying the feature shortname or the Maven coordinate. If you specify a Maven coordinate, it must contain the group ID and the artifact ID, for example, io.openliberty.features:mpHealth-2.2. If the version and packaging type aren’t specified, the version defaults to the current runtime version and the packaging type defaults to an ESA file.


One or more optional parameters.


Option Description


Accepts the license agreement for the feature if the feature has a different license from the Open Liberty server into which it’s installed.


Specifies that features that are installed from a remote repository, such as Maven Central, aren’t cached locally.


Displays additional debug information while the action runs.